Welcome to South Texas College's Factbook

South Texas College generates and utilizes relevant, timely, and accurate data to guide decision making, and to assist with implementation and evaluation of institutional and instructional initiatives that promote student learning and student success. This online Factbook is provided for those who are interested in learning more about what we are doing and what is happening at South Texas College. The following is a description of the information found within each section.


Provides information about college enrollment.


Provides data about graduation and licensure.

Transfer Rate and Success

Provides data and information about STC Students transfer patterns and academic performance at other schools.


Job placement rates as reported by students.

Success and Retention

Includes reports on Fall to Fall retention and Fall to Spring retention as well as some graduation and transfer information.

College Readiness

Includes reports on the TSI completion rates of STC Developmental students in Reading, Writing, and Math areas.

Academic Progress

Examines how well students achieve their academic goals while looking at those who have participated in Developmental Education and those who have not.

Stakeholder Satisfaction

Provides a report on trends as reported through CCSSE (Community College Survey of Student Engagement).


Provides several years of Finance Statistics Reports.


Provides a simple Facilities inventory per campus.